Ombudsman solution for all compliance consultants

With our partner platform, lawyers, auditors, tax consultants and compliance advisors can offer their clients digital whistleblowing systems within seconds and process the incoming tips as an ombudsman and/or advise on them. Each Hintbox can be graphically customized to the corresponding company.

Ombudspersons also have the option of providing their clients with a fully-fledged white label solution. This allows ombudspersons to offer their clients a digital whistleblowing system under their brand, logo and color, and with a neutral domain. 

Our Hintbox Ombuds Solution

The ombuds solution is a platform through which ombudspersons can offer their clients digital whistleblowing systems and administer them. External third parties can therefore act as an independent, neutral and trustworthy ombudsperson for the company or authority via this platform. In addition, ombudspersons can provide their clients with legal advice on incoming whistleblowing, conduct further investigations and follow-ups, and represent them vis-à-vis government authorities. 

 Partner Dashboard

Full control over your clients

The ombudspersons provide their clients with a digital whistleblowing system via the ombuds solution within a few seconds or a few clicks.

The Ombuds solution dashboard gives ombudsmen a complete overview of all tips, cases, and messages so that action can be taken quickly and effectively. 

Highest possible compliance protection through the Hintbox and the Ombudsperson

The constellation of the Hintbox for the clients and the compliance service of the ombudsperson for the clients, linked by the ombudsman solution, makes it possible to offer the highest possible level of compliance for the companies and authorities. Our Hintbox complies with the EU Whistleblower Directive, is data protection compliant and also offers extremely high IT security. Due to our secure isolated data storage with limited authorized access, authorization and deletion concepts are securely implemented. This is the only way to maintain the important confidentiality required by the EU Whistleblower Directive. In addition, anonymous reports can only be offered through a digital whistleblower system. 

Through the support of an ombudsperson who specializes in compliance issues, the tips can be processed adequately and in a targeted manner - via the dashboard of the ombuds solution. Through the Hintbox and the ombudsperson, a very high compliance standard can therefore be achieved. 

Advantages for compliance advisors through the ombudsman solution

Attorneys, tax advisors, auditors, or other compliance counsel benefit from several essential advantages when they choose to act as an ombudsperson for their clients:

Generation of repeat business

By implementing a whistleblower system, ombudspersons can generate follow-up business by reviewing incoming tips, analyzing the incidents described and implementing follow-up measures. At the same time, the client benefits from fully neutral compliance outsourcing.

Expansion of the own business field

In many cases, external consultants have focused mainly on their core business in the past. If, for example, tax consultants now also act as ombudspersons, they can open up new business areas and expand the service portfolio.

Compliance consultants can also offer their clients - in addition to their renowned and classic consulting activities - another independent service. 

Acquisition of new customers

If compliance consultants actively advertise their services as external ombudspersons, they can gain new clients. These clients can then be advised not only in the area of compliance, but also in the future in the areas of the ombudsperson's further focus of activity or by colleagues with the appropriate areas of focus from the firm, such as labor, antitrust or criminal law.

Strengthening the relationship of trust with the client

Trust plays an immense role in the area of compliance. Whistleblowers want their identity and tips to be treated confidentially. In the same way, the company management wants the information to be properly processed and initially kept secret. If the cooperation between the company and the external ombudsperson is successful, mutual trust can be strengthened. This can have a positive effect on future joint projects.

First class support included

Of course, ombudspersons have access to Hintbox's first-class support via telephone, a ticket system or e-mail. This allows ombudspersons to focus on their clients or their advice without worry.