What to do when whistleblowers get in your face?

If a whistleblower tip-off arrives at a company and it is a serious matter, it must first be clarified what measures will be taken.

What mistakes are made?

First mistake made even before the whistleblower arrives: There is no official contact point for whistleblowers in the company concerned. Second mistake: The tip falls into the wrong hands, so that it is either not processed further at all, is processed too slowly because no one feels obligated to do so, or is withheld. If the case is nevertheless dealt with and follow-up measures are initiated, there is predominantly a lack of defined processes and knowledge of how the case should be processed. As a result, important deadlines and necessary measures are simply not met and implemented.

What can be used to avoid the errors?

Whistleblower systems such as HINTBOX exist to avoid precisely these errors and problems. Such systems are designed to automate and digitalize the case handling process as far as possible. This allows the company to focus on the essentials in order to eliminate the problem and create a positive climate in the company.

How are whistleblower tips processed?

After the first event has already occurred, the receipt of a new tip, it must get to the right person. For this purpose, one or more persons are designated in the company. As a rule, this is the so-called compliance manager. Likewise, according to the EU, the tasks can be performed, for example, by the human resources management, in-house counsel, finance director, board member, managing director or an outsourced ombudsman.

If the notice arrives via the HINTBOX, the Compliance Manager receives notification of it.

With the HINTBOX, the previously mentioned errors can be prevented. The notice is received, is directly digitally retrievable and is only processed by the authorized persons. The second error, however, has not yet been completely eliminated. Thanks to the Hintbox, notices that are processed too slowly are a thing of the past. With the help of case prioritization

and compliant implementation of the deadlines and process flows specified by the EU Whistleblower Directive, the case is processed in a timely manner and the whistleblower is informed of progress.

In many cases, additional information about the whistleblower is necessary so that the compliance manager, as well as the whistleblower, have the opportunity to communicate with each other.

What does it mean when a clue is successfully completed?

Without any questions, HINTBOX can ensure the necessary processes for successful handling of whistleblower tips. This makes it a safe software to successfully avert reputational damage and uncover problems in the company.

The reputation of a company is a very valuable asset and in this day and age, due to digitalization, it is definitely not to be despised.

What measures can you implement immediately?

  • What should happen with leads? Find a trusted person to take the position of Compliance Manager.
  • What is the next step? Define how to deal with tips received by mail, telephone, internally or otherwise.
  • Sensitize employees. Particularly when information is received by mail or post, the secretariat should act accordingly and approach the compliance manager and pass on the information.

With the HINTBOX you have a system that collects all cases and prevents chaos. Predefined processes and possible follow-up actions become a piece of cake with the HINTBOX. Prove your courage and face the challenges of the EU Whistleblower Directive. Whistleblowers don't want to get in your soup. Therefore, see the introduction of a whistleblower system as an opportunity to uncover grievances in your company at an early stage and prevent possible damage to your company.

If you have any further questions about our whistleblower system, the EU Whistleblower Directive or the correct case handling process, please feel free to contact us without obligation and free of charge. Follow us also on LinkedIn to not miss any news.